Front Wheel Arch Trimming 2


If running bigger than 31's you will most likely have to trim the front of the wheel arch as well. It also depends if you have longer lower arms or packed your arms  forwards when setting the caster. It is the same as the back arch where you trim the fold off like shown above and then push the inner guard forward when bolting it back up.


One this one with 32's I has to move the lower guard support forward as well to give enough clearance. If you look at the first photo above you can see where the edge of that bracket is stock. I then moved it forward right to the edge of the guard as indicated by the yellow arrow and used that bolt to hold it in place after drilling a new hole in the bracket for it. You need to take out the back two bolts and slot the bracket holes with the closest one to the outside of the guard backwards and the other forward to allow the bracket to come forward. If you still have the front apron in place this may not be possible?

This setup now clears 265x75x16 which measure the same height as 32" tyres in true height. This is together with 2" raised bumpstops. This can be done using two rubber hockey pucks glued in. Remember that the Jeep will handle safer with the dropped bumpstops and you maintain the up to down travel ratio if you also make shock extensions to get the lost travel back.