Front Apron Removal.

I have never liked the double skirt look of the stock plastic apron behind the steel one incorporated into the lower part of the ARB bullbar. Well David the owner of this XJ didn't either so I removed it for him as shown. It also exposes more of the tyre which looks far better as well as making it less likely to damage the lower part of the guard.


To find a start point to cut down from I ran a level across from the crease in the bullbar. I then place tape from this point down to the bottom of the guard. The cut around the corner on the side of the flare is left horizontal as you don't want it too high either as it will expose the bottom flare fixing bolt from certain angles.


I just used a utility knife to cut the flare and you can finish off the cut with a fine file and sandpaper if you didn't get it smooth first go. You will also have to cut the old vertical part of the guard support bracket where the apron bolted to it. This will also allow you to move that bracket forward should you be hitting it at full stuff like shown here.