Higher Amperage Alternator


What I have here is a 132 amp alternator from a 4.7ltr V8 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee. Was just something I saw at the wrecking yard and took it off and the wiring to it for $45AUD - $34.50USD. For that price I thought I would see if I could get it to work even though there are easier ones to use out there from ZJ's with the 4.0ltr. and others. But they want $150 to $200 off eBay for those here. Just be very careful of some new alternators from China that crap themselves very quickly. I prefer factory original. An easier one to use is a Denso 56005686AB 136 amp from a ZG/ZJ if you can find one. Others are mentioned in this thread. http://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/alternator-upgrade-14290/. Can see the problem here that the top mounting hole is way too low and too far back to fit in front of the adjustment bracket and onto the the adjusting bolt. These alternators were never made for an adjustment setup and were bolted to the top middle of the V8.


As I have made a bigger battery tray for a longer bigger battery, I have the added problem that it needs to be as close to the block as possible like it sits now. That top mounting hole is far too much to the right to be useful. I was able to easily adapt the pivot though with a 5.5mm-7/32" spacer at the front and a 12mm-15/32" at the rear. That brought it perfectly into line with the other pulleys.


Using a piece of axle of all things!, I drilled and tapped the end. Least the middle is not hardened! Cut a landing to fit over the rear boss of the alternator and to make it the right height for it to line up in the middle of the adjustment slot. Don't own a mill so just used a 9" cutoff grinder and came out like this first go.


Drilled a tapped to take a bolt up from the bottom of the mounting boss. Had a hell of a time getting though the hardened outer of the axle so had to be drilled from the other side and couldn't get the tap the whole way through. This gives a better view of how it mounts. The landing was cut long to clear the mount gusset as well.


Front view. It now sit higher and more to the left so I can get it close to the block as possible. The pulley force from the belt tension might be able to twist the new mount. Also wanted to spread the load over two of the original alternator bosses as well. So made this brace up.

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