Hook on the adjusting cable next and then the prepare the cable guide by hooking in the retracting spring like pictured.


Stretch the spring over the anchor pin with a screw driver using the pin as a lever point as above. Then do the same with the other side as well. Also a good time to make sure that the lever that the hand brake cable attaches too is released all the way. Often the cable is adjusted when it pulls up too high when it fact it is not the cable out of adjustment at all but the brake shoes from wear.


Place the adjusting cable around the cable guide before hooking it into the adjusting lever by pushing up with your thumb in the direction arrowed. Next un-screw the adjusting screw and put some high temperature grease on it before spreading the shoes apart and installing it making sure that the wheel is under the adjusting lever. The wheel on the adjuster is always located toward the rear of the car.


The final spring that fits above the adjuster goes in last and fits into the two large holes at the bottom of the shoe that I am pointing to with the screw driver. Make sure that it is all centred before putting the drum back on. All this is done on the car of course but it was easier to show you how to do it while off. It is always a good idea to change the brake fluid every 12 months as it absorbs water from the air and do it as shown here. To adjust the brakes first make sure they are centred by applying the brakes a few times and then put the wheel back on and rotate it while adjusting them them out until it begins to drag and then back them off until free by holding the adjusting lever away like shown. When I worked at a brake shop we were taught to keep adjusting them until we could no longer turn the wheel at all and then count the amount of strokes it took to release  them again and do the same amount on the other side to make sure that they were even left to right.

Re-adjust the handbrake by rotating the wheels until they begin the drag and then back off one turn. Final adjustment can be done by reversing the car and stopping the car by pulling on the handbrake. This is how you adjust it at any time afterwards while the self adjusters continue to work anyway! After some miles the shoes will bed in and you will notice that the hand brake will be out of adjustment. Remember if the hand brakes pulls up too high, don't just adjust the cable. Most often it is the shoes that have worn causing the hand brake to lift higher so always adjust the shoes first. Either by the roll back method or by turning the adjusters by hand.