To get the 40 mm of offset I had to reduce the bar angle by 5 degrees. To get the angle I wanted on the corner though I had to increase it by a further 10 degrees than what was there before. The first bend will require me to weld in wedges to fill the gap. The corner angle needs a wedge of 10 degree total to be removed. This was done by marking along the original join to the centre of the bend and then marking 5 degrees each side of this line.


I then had to cut at the top of the corners the total length of the radius which was 45 mm each side of the centre of the bend ( total slot length 90 mm ). The bottom one had the same 45 mm on the front section but the side had to be cut all the way down to the end of the lower part of the bar as shown on the left above photo. I then simply pulled with my hands the corner around and tacked it in position.


Excess metal was ground away so the upper and lower sections followed the back of the new curve. It was then fully welded inside and out and ground smooth. Some panel beating was required to make it nice and flat again. 


Being a color coded ARB bar meant that it had not only the black power coat but also a scratch putty and primer layer plus several silver and clear coats on top. I burnt all this off with the oxy before wire brushing it clean. As this bar was going to sit much closer I removed the extra width at this stage while it was easy to access it.