Extending swaybar links after lift

After a lift the swaybar will no longer function as was designed as the angles have all been changed. As the body is raised the ends of the swaybar are pulled down reducing the effectiveness of the bar. Below is a simple solution if you are not fitting swaybar disconnects instead. It will also stop the swaybar links from hitting the coil as often happens when left short. If your lift is only small, even just dropping a 1/2" nut under the bottom bush cup will help.


First you have to work out how much you to add. To do this simply remove the top nut from the link along with the upper washer and bush. Then raise the swaybar end until the end where the bush sits in is level and measure between the bush and the underside of the swaybar where it sits. It should be around the same as the lift above stock. Then just find a bar or bolt like I have done of the same diameter and cut two pieces of the length and grind a taper on the ends. Cut the link just below the kink so the heat stays away from the bush and taper the ends of this as well.


I find it easier the line it up when tack welding it by clamping it in a vice. Remember to have the kink as shown above leaning to the same side as the bush opening.


Above is it fully welded and then ground smooth.

Now it is important to remember that if you have not decreased the up travel that under full compression the end of the swaybar can piece a hole into the inner guard if you have had to extend it a large amount! The best way to reduce the up travel is to glue in with silicon rubber hockey pucks on top of the axle spring perch inside the coil.