D35 Axle Seal Change


Start by jacking the axle and placing them on stands with the wheels off. Then remove the diff cover draining the oil. Rotate the diff until you find a male torx head bolt which you can use a 1/4" 12 point ring spanner to remove. Once that is screwed out the pinion shaft can be pushed out by just pressing against the other end using you finger. Photo on the right above show it partially out.


The photo above shows the end of the axle in its normal resting position holding the C clip in place ( gold in colour ). Just push on the axle end, where your wheel studs mount, towards the diff centre. The above right photo shows how the C clip starts to fall out once this is done.


Just remove the C clip with your fingers as shown. Then you can carefully remove the axle completely by just pulling on it with your hands. Try not to let it drag on the bearing while doing so.


Just use a pry bar or large screw driver to lever out the old seal. The above right photo shows what it looks like once out.


Just place the new seal in place after making sure all is clean. Then hammer the seal in until it is flush with the axle tube end as before. I used some large water pipe with a coupling attached. You can also use a large socket. Then just put it all back in the reverse order. The torx head bolt needs 14 ft. lbs and some Loctite to hold it in place once the hole has been aligned in the pinion shaft.