This is from the lid of my offroad trailer that I built showing the places (in red) that I have driven in the last 8 years with my XJ and trailer in tow. Australia is similar in size to the United States of America so you can see how easy it is to rack up over 83,000 kms (51,500 miles) just in these trips alone.

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Having dinner,Pedirka Desert (SA)        Gunbarrel Highway (WA)

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Driving the Finke river (NT)                    Ken's XJ Lake Eildon (VIC)


The following were taken on Cape York, far north Queensland


Crossing Wenlock river                  Overland Track 2 1/2' underwater


Nolons creek meeting the windscreen                         Trailer floating


Child swallowing ruts                                                     Mistake creek


Up the Gunshot creek bank                                        Termite mound