My Model Collection

I only like to collect models that I own in full size to keep it under control. But weakened and collected some concept Jeeps and the Willys Panels as well.


The two cabinets above have my collection of XJ Cherokee's. All 1:64 scale. Made by Matchbox USA if a 2 door or Majorette in France if 4 door. There is also some mini and full size Stompers which are battery powered and 4wd with low and high range in both. No two are exactly the same.


The left display  has my Willys Truck and Panel collection. They are all die cast 1:25 scale so quite long at a bit over 7". Made by Liberty Classics and all are coin banks. The models on the table are my concept collection as well as the smallest and largest in my Willys range.
Only a couple were bought in Australia and the rest off eBay from around the world.