S34 Chrysler Jeep Cherokee    updated 27.05.04

 Fitting Instructions:- Please read instructions

before starting.

 Snorkel Kit List:-



Skl – Chrysler Jeep Cherokee


A SP081

Jeep Snorkel


B SK64

Air Ram 76 mm


C SP015

76 mm Hose TPR

550 mm

D SP019

Hose Clamp 60/80 mm


E SK134

Jeep Template & Instruction


F SP002

Welded Jeep U/B


G SK07

Bolt Kit ( 4 bolt )


H SP034

A pillar Bkt Stainless Steel


I SP023

Spring Washer 6 mm Z/P


J SP026

Screw Plug Nylon


K SP025

Panel Washer 6 mm x 70 mm xl 6g


L SP024

Guard Bolt M6 x 12 mm Hex


M SP029

Self Tap Screw 12g x 25 mm Z/P


N SP170

Plastic Bag 73 x 115 mm


Polyurethane sealant required and not included in this kit.


1. Check off all items against Snorkel Check list.

2. Remove guard liner and front rubber. Remove washer bottle.

3. Tape template together accurately on gridline 17. Cut down gridline 28 to mark shown.

4. Place the Airflow Template supplied on the guard, ensuring the guard crease lines are followed exactly. Top guard edge line is a guide only as it will vary slightly between pre and post 1997 Cherokee’s.

5. Pilot drill locating holes as indicated.

6. Tape over the 76mm hole point to protect the guard.

7. Drill the 8mm holes. Be careful of any wires or other obstructions under the inner guard.

8. Cut harness ties and lift out of the way on inner guard. Drill the 76mm  hole using a hole cutter. Remove tape.

9. Remove airbox and cut and drill hole to suit adaptor at rear of box in the top right hand corner just below the bottom of the filter. Attach with self tapping screws and seal with polyurethane. Refit airbox.

10.Seal old front hole with part of the old snout or cut some tin to suit and seal with Polyurethane. Airbox will actually be more efficient this way and will use more of the filter area than before.

11. File down all exposed burrs. Paint all exposed metal surfaces.

12. Place the Snorkel on guard with A pillar bracket loosely attached.

13. Fit guard bolts with panel washers.   

14. Using “A” Pillar Bracket as a template, mark drill points against “A” Pillar for self tap screws.

15. Drill holes, locate screw plugs in holes and affix self tap screws.

16. Slide on flexible hose to Snorkel outlet, apply Polyurethane to ensure seal, fasten with clamp.

17. Bend hose through 90° affix flexible hose to adaptor inlet after cutting to length, apply Polyurethane to seal and fasten with clamp.  

18. Fit Airflow Hat to Snorkel head, fasten with clamp.

19. Refit washer bottle to inner guard.

20. Polish Snorkel and Hat for finish with Armorall or similar.

21. Polyurethane can be applied to seal between guard and snorkel by taping around each and applying a bead between tape lines and then removing tape after smoothing. Leave very bottom join free of sealant to allow any moisture to drain.