Receiver shackle mount

I have seen these for sale and thought they always charged way to much for something so simple. This one cost me nothing but my time as I used some 3/8" plate that I picked up on the side of the road on the way to the factory.


I made a receiver shackle mount using  3/8" flat bar. A single piece of this plate on it's own is strong enough for the purpose but cut two extra plates to sit each side of it to fill the bow shackle opening. I cut each side of the holes already in it to save me drilling a pilot hole later on for the shackle. The centre one was cut down to fit down inside the 2" box section all the way to the back of it. The two side plates were left wider so that I could fill the gap left with weld to tie them together.


You can see above the narrower long centre section that will fit inside the box section tacked in-between the outer ones. I then fully welded all around these first to the centre one and then one on top to level the whole thing off.


He is it ready for grinding smooth. Makes it look like one solid piece afterwards.


Then it was inserted into the box and fully welded at the front end as well as to the box at the other end. Another piece of flat was then welded across the back with a hole in the centre so it could be plug welded to the centre section as well as all the way around the back of the box section. Here you see it fitted to my new front bar I was making at the same time.


 Here it is fitted in all completed with the bow shackle fitted and inserted into my new bumper.