Front SRT Brembo 4 piston brake conversion.


Found some new rotors on the market that allow me to fit these new Brembo 4 piston calipers I have. They are used on the Grand Cherokee, 300C and Challenger SRT models. They just fit perfectly in my 17" rims with the required 3mm clearance. These rotors are off a Ford Territory Turbo and are 340 mm or 13.5" in diameter. A LOT bigger than the the stock Jeeps 280mm or 11" ones so plenty of extra leverage, let only the 4 piston verses one!


Mock up of what it will look like when done. They are like dinner plates! I could loose a wheel and the diff would still be off the ground.


Got the stand-offs bored and ready to weld on. To make sure the stand-offs stay square and in position when welding, I drilled some flat iron to the exact hole spacing of the caliper. Then bolted it down tight with some shackle bolts which happened to be the right diameter. I used brackets similar to what I designed for the Ford Falcon BA twin piston brake conversion.


Some conversions don't even bother with welding the stand-offs, but I like to as less chance of the bolts working loose.
There was only a little distortion in the 10 mm thick plate from the welding but was able to straighten it out in the press just to have it perfectly aligned. Nice new DOT approved and stamped brake hoses custom made to suit the Jeep 3/8 at one end and the Brembo 10mm at the other. Longer than stock as well for the extra travel shocks I am running. Also got a new rear axle one.


Well here are all the nice new parts ready to do the conversion. Bracket bolted on.