Rear Brake Line Extension Bracket

Once longer shocks are fitted along with shock mount changes for higher lifts over 3", you may find that at full droop that the rear brake hose becomes taut. This is not a good thing as can lead to the hose pulling free and having little brakes left to stop you. So this simple bracket will help give you more length without having to buy a new longer brake line or even needing to bleed to brakes to install. This setup was used on a 4.5" lifted XJ and stopped the hose being too short. Pays to always check to see if it suits your setup as all will be a bit different depending on shock and mounts used.


I just started with a strip of 25x3mm or 1"x1/8" strap steel and cut it about 146 mm or 5.3/4" long. I then just bent it into a Z shape in the vice with a 38 mm or 1.1/2" fold each end in opposite directions.


A 1/4" hole was drilled in the middle of one end for a retaining bolt and panel washer to hold it in the original brake hose hole. The other end had a 16 mm or 5/8" hole drilled along with a 5 mm or 3/16" slot cut into it from the side. The reason for the slot is so the brake hard line can be slipped through it. That it saves the line having to be being disconnected to do this job. So no need to bleed the brakes either.

To install the hose is removed from the old bracket by pulling the clip with vice grips that retains the hose in the original bracket. The hose is then pulled forward until the hard line can be slipped out of the slot. Then bend the hard line with your fingers, taking care not to kink it, like shown above. The hard line is then slipped through the slot of the new bracket and pushed forward until the clip can be slid back into place. Using a large pair of channel locks makes this the easier. Then install the 1/4" bolt through the bracket, then through the old hose hole with a panel washer and nut on the backside.

Jack the frame up until the shocks have reached the end of their travel to make sure the brake hose no longer pulls taut.